Twelve Moon Farm is a small, organic market garden focused on year-round growing of specialty greens and heirloom vegetables.   On this land, at the edge of the Blue Hills Reservation, I can nurture the rich soil and indulge my passion for growing my favorite crops: tender, leafy greens; colorful heirloom tomatoes; flavorful peas and beans; sweet carrots and beets; and awesome pie pumpkins!

Season Extension strategy includes low and high tunnels, along with row covers (a 2nd greenhouse will be added in 2018!).  These structures expand the growing season at both ends for spring and fall plantings, and a longer tomato harvest.  They also facilitate winter production of many cold-hardy greens, such as spinach, arugula, kale and salad mixes.  Some root crops, such as carrots, can also be over-wintered under low or high tunnels, and harvested in February or March for the sweetest taste.

After many years of farming, I’m still learning at this venture, incorporating practices that support soil microbes, beneficial insects, pollinators and healthy plants.  The goal is an extended growing season encompassing harvests of fresh produce every month, and the long-term sustainability of this land.

Stay tuned- Judy

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